10 things you probably do not know about Bora Bora

10 things you probably do not know about Bora Bora

For many, Bora Bora, this small island in the South Pacific, is synonymous with paradise. And it’s easy to understand why this fabulous place has everything you could want: breathtaking nature, pristine beaches, chic but affordable hotels and activities tailored to everyone’s tastes.

But do you know what is known as the Pearl of the Pacific? Here are our top 10 things you probably do not know about Bora Bora.

The island is not really called Bora Bora

This is something we generally learn as soon as we put a foot there: the locals do not say “Bora Bora”, but “Pora Pora” because the letter B does not exist in the Tahitian language . And for the record, Pora Pora means “first born” in Tahitian.

It’s one of the most tranquil places on the planet

Bora Bora is one of the most isolated islands in the world. The proof ? The island of Hawaii receives more visitors in 10 days than all of Polynesia in one year. This is one of the reasons couples go there for their honeymoon.

But she is not the only one!

The island of Bora Bora is surrounded by several beautiful islets including Motu Tapu, Motu Ahuna, Tevairoa, Motu Tane, Motu Mute, Motu Tufari, Motu Pitiaau, Sofitel Motu, Motu Toopua and Toopuaiti.

There are no poisonous animals on the island

Good news for anyone who might be afraid of being faced with a monstrously nasty beastie: on Bora Bora, man and nature live in peace and perfect harmony (at the same time, it’s normal, since it’s the paradise!). We do not hide that sharks are hiding in the waters surrounding the island, but on land in any case, no risk!

Bora Bora was a military base during the Second World War

During the Second World War, the United States selected Bora Bora as a supply outpost for its South Pacific fleet. It was both an oil depot, an airstrip, a floatplane base, and defensive fortifications were built.

The directors love it

Yes, Bora Bora was a filming location for the reality show The Incredible Kardashian Familyand the Couples Therapy movie with an appearance of … Jean Reno! How to be surprised? The incredible nature and the pleasant weather all year round are surely for something.

Bora Bora and the language of flowers

There are chances that you will be offered flowers upon your arrival at the airport, this is part of a local folklore most enjoyable. Be careful though: if you wear a flower in your left ear, it means that you are married or in a relationship. A flower in the right ear means that you are single, while a flower on each ear indicates that you are married but still available!

You could be weighted at Tahiti airport

It is possible that you are asked to climb on a scale before getting into the little cuckoo that will take you from Tahiti to Bora Bora. No, it’s not a question of spoiling your vacation, but to make sure of the weight that they will embark on board the small plane. So think about dressing up light!

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