3 tips for booking a quality hotel at a low price

3 tips for booking a quality hotel at a low price

Book a hotel night is easy, but book a night in a good hotel and at a good price , it’s not always easy …

Have you, too, ever happened to book a hotel that seemed good to you, and when you arrived in the hotel room, were you disappointed? Personally, I have already experienced this bad experience during my trip to Dublin . I booked one of the cheapest hotels in the city through a central hotel reservation. The vast majority of photos featured pretty rooms so I was pretty confident. Unfortunately, we stayed on the top floor, where the rooms were obsolete. On the hotel page, this photo was posted once and “hidden” by the photos of the beautiful rooms … In short, no luck, but it served me as a lesson!

Here are some tips for finding a cheap but good quality hotel:

1 – Take the time to compare all offers before booking

Do not rush to the first hotel that appears on our screen but take the time to look for the best hotel according to our needs. Some hotels “pay” sites like Booking or Hotels.com to appear at the top of the results: so we see these hotels first but that does not mean that it is the most interesting offers …

The ideal is therefore to make a comparison between all accommodation offered according to their comfort (number of stars), their location (near or not downtown), their price and the services offered (small – lunch, leisure).

2 – See reviews from previous guests who have stayed at this accommodation

Inquire a maximum about the hotel that has been spotted is an essential step before booking a night. For this, it is advisable to look for information on the web.

First, you can do a search on Google by writing “ABC hotel reviews …”, you will certainly get valuable information.

Then you can visit TripAdvisor : the opinions of previous guests are very interesting and provide valuable information. Only downside, these reviews are not 100% certified (there may be some clever people who rate their own hotel to improve their rating) but overall, I always read very consistent opinions!

Finally, we can browse travel blogs in search of possible advice. If you search on Google, for example, the term sardaigne travel blog and you visit my blog, you will discover the names of the hotels that I recommend in North Sardinia.

3 – Make a reservation at the right time

Should we book a hotel night in advance or is it better to choose a hotel on the spot, without having booked in advance? Personally, I prefer to anticipate: I always reserve a few days or weeks before my departure on vacation. If you leave during the high tourist season, do not take the risk of finding yourself without accommodation once there, validate your hotel night in advance. And even if you travel outside the high season, it is still better to book in advance, it will allow you to avoid unpleasant surprises (more rooms available, the price is not clearly displayed in the hotel you went to the most expensive hotel in the city without knowing

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