Earn While You Travel International: 5 Valuable Tips to Help You Accumulate Air Miles

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Are you planning  an international trip any time soon? If yes, did you know there are ways you can earnwhile you travel? Keep reading to find out some valuable tips to accumulate air miles on your next trip.

Car rental miles

International trips can be expensive. From flight tickets to hotel booking, shopping, and eating, it can surely dig a hole in your pockets. However, there is a smart thing to do when you go on an international trip. This is collecting air miles which can be later redeemed for flight tickets, cabin upgrades and more. Let’s find out some of the top ways to earn while you travel.

  1. Fly and Earn

Booking a flight ticket is the best way to accumulate air miles in your flyer program. The air miles you accumulate would depend on the distance of the travel, the type of seats you book and  the tier of the program you are enrolled in. Next time you book a flight ticket make sure you book a flight that is part of the frequent flyer program you are signed up in.

  1. Book The Best Hotel

Booking a hotel room for your vacation? Make this transaction rewarding by booking with the airline’s hotel partners. Using your flyer program’s website to book your overnight stays can be an excellent value for money, as this will enable you to earn air miles. If you have a preferred hotel, you usually stay in when you travel, make sure it is part of the partners’ hotel list of the flyer program you choose.

  1. Shop till You Drop

No trip is complete without shopping. Shopping at both physical stores and online partners can get you substantial reward points. All you have to do is provide the membership number at the time of paying at the counter of the airline’s retail partner shop. However, there is another way to earn air miles while you shop. Sign up for a co-branded international credit card and use it for all your transactions while you are travelling. This way you do not have to restrict yourself from buying only from the airline’s partners.

  1. Eat to Your Heart’s Content

Whether out on a date, business meet, or a family/friends get together, dining out is also a great way to earn airlines mile. Almost all the airlines have dining programmes, and all you have to do is to visit their website and check out what restaurants and hotels they partner with. This way, every time you eat out a partner restaurant, you earn points.

  1. Rent A Car

One thing that you almost certainly need when travelling abroad, is a cab. Car rental miles are another easy way to get closer to earning air miles. Most airlines have partnered with cab service providers and car rental service providers. So, every time you book a cab or a rent a car for your travel, you not only get great discounts and offers, but you also get to earn air miles. Booking a cab or car can get you to accumulate air miles, with no extra efforts.

A little planning and forethought can help you earn air miles on the go. You can keep collecting these points, through everyday activities, and transactions. All you have to do is, check out how and where you can earn these, and keep a tab on the partnering service providers.

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