The most beautiful beaches of Brazil

The most beautiful beaches of Brazil

For lovers of the sea and beaches, the Brazil is a paradise on earth. This huge and amazing country has a beautiful coast with creeks of all types (huge, small, wild, bright, perfect for water sports or relaxing in the sun at the edge of the water). Here life on the beach is a real life model. Brazilians take themselves very seriously on the beach, which is often a meeting place where you can chat, have a drink, play sports, get acquainted with new people or simply admire the beauty of nature. If you plan to leave for the World Cup in 2014 or any other occasion, here are the most beautiful beaches of Brazil not to be missed!

Porto de Galhinas, Recife

In the region of Pernambuco , the city of Porto de Galhinas is known for its natural pools , its beautiful trails and its proximity to Recife, which makes it relatively easy to reach. Visit the 10 beaches that appear like a mirage, one after the other and arm yourself with a mask and tubaparce to discover scuba diving in a gigantic aquarium full of colors and wonderful shapes.

Baia do Sancho, Fernando de Noronha

Voted by the World’s Best Beach Tripadvisor users in 2014, this semi-circular bay bordered by crystal clear waters is so romantic that it seems to have been created especially for a two-man getaway. Climb the cliffs to admire the fantastic view of the bay and swim in the clear sea looking for turtles. Perhaps, paradise has the appearance of this magnificent archipelago off the coast of Brazil!

Praia dos Carneiros, Tamandare

One hour from Recife, lies this Caribbean beach with palm trees, white sand, pools hiddenin rocks and water so transparent that you can see the coral reef. Only recommendation: go early (before 14 hours), otherwise the beach disappears literally engulfed by high tide!

Lopes Mendes Beach, Ilha Grande

Getting there is not easy: either a 2.5 hour hike or a boat trip , but the effort is rewarded by the sight of a breathtaking beach , surrounded by lush vegetation and bathed by a sea that seems to have infinite nuances. A true tranquility … Probably one of the most beautiful places on earth.

Farol Beach, Arraial do Cabo

This beach, only accessible by boat, has a beautiful white sand and crystal clear waters. The coast is very clean thanks to the ban on food and drink imposed by the Navy. The only drawback is the boat traffic, very intense …

Espelho Beach, Trancoso

Extreme parties stretching to the end of the night to chic places for a drink, the city of Trancoso offers something for everyone. The many beaches of the wild coast have an atmosphere and superb water with high waves that will delight water sports enthusiasts.

Praia Quatro Ilhas, Santa Catarina

For surfers and professional divers, this is the right place . Windy with a breathtaking view through islands that stand out in front of you, this beach is part of the Arvoredo Marine Biological Reserve and the seabed in the area is phenomenal.

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